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Summer Intensive 2019

Session I: Kid’s Dance Camp June 17-28 2019

Session II: Advanced Summer Intensive July 1-19 2019

Dancers will enjoy personalized attention at Central Oklahoma Dance Academy’s first Summer Intensive designed for intermediate and advanced pre-professional dancers. While most ballet summer intensive programs are designed to accommodate a large influx of dancers, our three week intensives are designed for the students to receive individualized, intense and specific instruction in a more intimate setting. Ballet Master Catie Tramel and Creative Director Sterlin Mosley will guide students through a holistic and technique-heavy course constructed for the aspiring professional dancer.

Our intensive offers the highest caliber of instruction and a diverse offering of dance styles to allow students to develop a well rounded dance vocabulary. Students attend class from 8:00am-12:00pm (8:00pm-1:30pm for Advanced students) Monday-Friday with optional classes offered in the evenings and on Saturday mornings. Our Summer Intensive will feature workshops from physical therapists, conditioning coaches and offer students tools to improve not only their ballet, modern and contemporary dance technique and repertoire but also develop students knowledge of nutrition, stress management, audition preparation and ballet pantomime. The Advanced intensive will culminate in a recital performance for friends and parents.

Session I:

Kid’s Summer Dance Camp

June 17-28 2019

Deposit: $200 due June 3rd, 2019

*Tuition: $450

Limited Availability

This session designed for beginner and intermediate dancers ages 8-13. This week will focus on intensive study of fundamental ballet technique and will be designed to strengthen foundational skills, including proper placement, ballet vocabulary, contemporary principles, introductory partnering, and channeling artistic expression. Workshops will include international dance, choreography concepts, and a perfect ballet bun hair seminar. Students will be expected to be either pre-pointe, or beginning pointe level.

*Limited Scholarships available contact

Session II :

Advanced Summer Intensive

July 1-July 19 2019

Deposit: $200 due June 17th, 2019

*Tuition: $950

Limited Availability

This three week intensive is designed for advanced, pre-professional students aged 13-22. This course will include ballet technique, contemporary, and pointe classes. This package includes workshops on athlete nutrition, stage makeup, injury rehabilitation, and a lab on the muscular and skeletal systems where students will develop a personalized training set of exercises for their own body. We will target alignment, mobility, proper technique, and quality of movement. Students will be given traditional classes as well as hands-on seminars with handouts, and video exposure to romantic, classical, and postmodern ballet repertoire. Dancers will be expected to have been on pointe for at least one year and have a strong working vocabulary with classical ballet. We are immensely excited to establish an essential and safe foundation which will launch students into healthy careers.

*Limited Scholarships available contact

Sample Session I Schedule*

8:00-9:30 Classical Ballet Technique

9:30-10:00 Pointe

10:00-11:00 Modern Dance

11:00-12:00 Seminar on Athlete Nutrition or Seminar on Positive Dance Attitudes

*Subject to change

SAMPLE Session II Schedule*

8:00-9:30 Classical Ballet Technique

9:30-10:30 Variations and Partnering or Contemporary Ballet | Variations Wk1,3/ Contemporary Wk 2

10:30-11:00 Seminar | Wk 1 Ballet Pantomime Wk 2 Dance History Wk 3 Stage Makeup/Hair

11:40-12:15 Lunch Break

12:15-1:30 Choreography Concepts/Repertoire - Postmodern Wk , Repertoire Wk 2 & Wk3


Arrive 30 min. early to warm up

Hair pulled back off the face and neck in a bun

Bring a labeled water bottle into class

Bring pointe shoes into the studio to change quickly after technique

There will be a few breaks between classes for students to catch their breath, use the restroom, etc.

Pack a snack, your dancer will expend a lot of energy and there will be breaks with ample time to eat.

Bring appropriate clothes to stay warm during international, pantomime, choreography, and special seminars. See dress code.

If you have them, bring: theraband, yoga mat, an extra t-shirt, ankle weights. We can incorporate these into classes with abstract concepts.