Advanced Summer Intensive Session II

Advanced Summer Intensive Session II


July 1-July 19 2019

Tuition: $985

Limited Availability

This three week intensive is designed for advanced, pre-professional students aged 13-22. This course will include ballet technique, contemporary, and pointe classes. This package includes workshops on athlete nutrition, stage makeup, injury rehabilitation, and a lab on the muscular and skeletal systems where students will develop a personalized training set of exercises for their own body. We will target alignment, mobility, proper technique, and quality of movement. Students will be given traditional classes as well as hands-on seminars with handouts, and video exposure to romantic, classical, and postmodern ballet repertoire. Dancers will be expected to have been on pointe for at least one year and have a strong working vocabulary with classical ballet. We are immensely excited to establish an essential and safe foundation which will launch students into healthy careers.

*Dancer Information Packet will be emailed after registration is complete.

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