Central Oklahoma Dance Academy


Registration for the Fall 2019 semester is now open!

For questions or more information, email info@okdance.org.

Central Oklahoma Dance Academy (CODA) is the official school of Central Oklahoma Ballet Theatre and provides full pre-professional and recreational classical ballet, contemporary ballet and modern dance techniques. Central Oklahoma Dance Academy aims to provides a holistic and full spectrum education in not only dance technique and conditioning but also puts the emotional, mental and practical health of our dancers at the forefront of our educational curriculum. CODA believes that a well rounded dance education includes preparing students of dance to manage the mental and physical stress of dance practice and is the first school of its kind whose mission is to train the whole person.

Our students will share the dance facility with our professional company and thus receive the benefits of interacting with professional dancers while still gaining a strong foundational dance education to prepare them for careers in dance or elsewhere. Additionally CODA’s diversity and inclusive dance programs strive to make dance education available to all students regardless of race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. CODA has financial based scholarships and tuition assistance available for dance students without the means to pursue an elite dance education.

Central Oklahoma Dance Academy Divisions:

Children’s Division:

For children ages 3-11 years. These classes will focus on creative movement, foundational movement, developing an appreciation and joy for dance forms and fostering positive physical, emotional and mental awareness, and proper dance class etiquette. Enrollment Required

Pre-Professional Division

12+ These classes are geared for the more serious dance student seeking to build the skills necessary to prepare them for a professional or college career in classical, contemporary ballet or modern dance techniques. These classes are more formal in nature and will focus on proper vocabulary, repertoire practice, pointe training, partnering and artistry. Students in this division are expected to demonstrate physical and mental commitment to the art form. Pre-professional students will be expected to develop creative skills in choreography and will be encouraged to develop healthy nutritional, exercise, and mental/emotional habits as mentored by the CODA faculty. Enrollment and division placement required.

Community Division:

These classes are intended for recreational teen and adult dancers wishing to learn new dance forms and are available on a drop in basis.